Andrew McMahon: The Spaceman That Finally Got High

For about 14 years, Andrew McMahon has been touring and putting out albums transitioning from the front man of Something Corporate, to his alter ego in Jack’s Mannequin, and finally in his final stages of evolution, kept his name and is touring as Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

I had the opportunity to watch McMahon perform in all three of these acts throughout his career, and last October I was reunited with him again in the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, simply as Andrew McMahon.

It didn’t dawn on me until I heard Cecilia and the Satellite on the radio, under the category “locals only,” that this man has been such an inspiration to myself throughout the years. There’s many artists that make an impact as the years go by in the music world. For some it’s instantly, while others it’s a gradual process for the listeners. It’s a special thing to grow with an artist and see their story unfold as you write your own, and in theory, the artist inspiring how we write our own stories.

Looking back at his interview on Alternative Press, there were two things that left an impression.  McMahon has always been under a different name that reflected where he was at in the time of life, and his daughter is his “banked sperm” of a 22-year-old McMahon, due to his sickness about 9 years ago.

When you get angry at time and read things like this, it makes you believe, that was the right time.

When you see him use his name, you know, this was the right time of who he was, who he is,  and can see the maturity in his music on this album.

“I feel like there’s something for me that’s always been compelling about trying to find a project title that encapsulates what the music is. It also felt like a pretty honest application for the music that we’re making” (AP 2014).

With the new album, Andrew McMahon fans will receive nothing less than perfection. McMahon has a way to his delivery and song structure that he has been true to since day one. Every track is pure and the album emulates an overall indie-pop-synth wave.

I can honestly say I was that emo girl at one point listening and becoming a Punk Rock Princess. This was another outlet for me to escape through. I got lost in Space. I wanted to get high with the Astronaut, and “the spaceman,” I wanted to find someone who I can sing Made for each other to and as always get lost in the Glass Passenger.

To the Spaceman that can’t get high, thank you for 14 years, and thank you for taking us with you.


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