Risk to Believe

Excuse me while I stray away from the usual content of reviews and music, but I’d like to send this message out to anyone and everyone who has a dream.

Whether it is in the music business, or say like myself, an aspiring writer, don’t ever stop what you are doing when you get discouraged.

You will get discouraged.

People will not like your stuff.

That’s a given.

Yet, if there’s a fire inside of you that cannot be put out and this is what you want to do, never stop believing.

This came to me as I had another “breakdown” and life epiphany.

This came to me as I go over the bands that put out music, read my emails of artists that are  self-promoting, and continue to make music despite anything else, or anybody’s harsh criticism.

This came to me as I watch bands perform. Nothing else matters except that moment when they are on stage, and the moment when you are soaking it up.

I admire anyone who has the courage to continue to pursue their dream.

I find my resolution through music and share it in a way that sets me free.

What sets you free?



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