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The Basement Boys- III: Album Review

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I presume in a basement as well, are four sixteen year old boys who have found a way to blend their adolescents to the trials of manhood with garage rock and blues.

Franklin Mostoller, and the Pignetti triplets, Donato, Ginacarlo, and Massimo are the Basement Boys.

To break it down we have Massimo Pignetti who lends his voice in the band, along with his abilities at guitar, bass, and trombone. Gincarlo Pignetti also helps out in the vocal department, along with guitar, bass, trumpet, and piano. The last of the Pignetti triplets is Donato who focuses on percussion, while Franklin Mostoller plays guitar and slaps some bass.

To break it down again, these are talented motherf*ckers.

The first song I heard from the Boys was the track, “1234,”from their self-titled EP, which is a high-paced, 90’s garage style track updated. This song is definitely an artist opener, if you want to listen to a peak of the least of what these boys have to offer.

Luckily, this October, the boys released their album III to follow up and expand musically from their self-titled EP, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to listen to its entirety. An 11 track compilation that mixes garage, indie-rock, to a prominent blues and jazz-esque feel throughout the album that defines their sound.

In my opinion, it reminds me of an earlier EP from The Black Keys mixed with The Districts to create a perfect union of an old sound revived in a new tone. I loved more tracks than others but what caught my attention was the flow of the album start to finish.

The album created a perfectly sounded flow in a representation of where they are at and who they are. This is going to be that self-defining album that they can look back on and note how well placed everything was, and to the listener, be more engaged with their music.

“Untitled,” the 5th track, has such a heavy feeling lyrically, backed with a blues foundation. This is one of my favorites due to the mix of the harmonica and one of the Pignetti’s  heart felt strong vocals.

The next song that stood out to me was “Honestly, Again?” This song in particular has lots of elements that are well blended. It starts off with a “rockabilly” guitar and this raspy voice that pulls you in. It transitions into this garage indie-rock ballad, then transitions back to the original tempo of the song, with a Pignetti crooning, “try to make you love me again,” then once more picks up the speed. It finally resumes its natural momentum of slowing down to Pignetti  lulling you with the lyrics “try to make me love you again.” The construction of this song is amazing and strategically well-placed with the lyrics. The simplicity gets to me of how heavy this could actually be. I am a nerd when it comes to lyrics and it is just something about this song that makes you want to hit replay.

“Not Today,” is another great track that caught my attention with Donato Pignetti’s drumming. Paired with Massimo and Gincarlo Pignetti’s raspy and strong vocals, this song insists on it’s delivery.

What I love about this album was the diversity, and well-placed songs that showcased who they are. The next track is a fun gem that seriously just made me crack-up, smile, and sing along. “The Guinness Bop (interlude 2)” has The Basement Boys chiming over and over in a high-pitched tempo, “the Guinness bop (ohh)(ow)” for a minute and 10 seconds. This is a new definition of garage-funk.

Finally, another great track from the album is “Five.” It starts off differently than the norm of previous tracks and has a great guitar sound. There’s attitude in this song and a great way to finish the album with the best line from the track: “I am reckless, so my pants may need some stitches, I am American so I measure my dick in inches.”

Stream for free and give it a listen!




5 comments on “The Basement Boys- III: Album Review

  1. Listened to 1234 first, since I’m a Catch 22 fan and I had to compare the two 😛


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