RECAP- Interpol, spilled beer, Social D

This last week for myself has been crammed with back to back shows and breakfast at 2 in the morning.

So pretty much I have had an amazing week.

After seeing local bands at DBA and the following day at the Lexington in Los Angeles (which is a great little spot), I finally saw some “mainstream” artists which I can now cross off my list for indulging in their musical glory.


Yes, Interpol.

Tuesday, September 23, at the Fox Theatre in Pomona I got to hear Interpol and drool over Paul Banks. My only call out was they did not play one song off of the “Our love to Admire” album, which I was hoping for at least some songs to be performed, such as “Rest My Chemistry,” and “Pace is the Trick,” but I digress.

The intimacy seeing them at the Fox will always trump seeing them at other larger venues. Maybe it’s because I am biased due to my love for this band but the ability to come out on stage, not say a word, dive into a song, and bring people to full stages of emotions within a minute is a beauty and one of the reasons of their success.

Every member came out on stage with a  humble persona, but with enough of their own personal charismatic spark which made it a memorable experience.

I sadly didn’t get to see them where I intended to be, such as dead center in front of the glorious Paul Banks, due to a series of unfortunate events, such as bringing someone with you who didn’t print out the tickets then having Ticketmaster not pull up your order, the system having high volume and lastly no parking…yeah…

I was irritated.

Extremely irritated, but the moment I heard Interpol everything else didn’t matter. Not where I was standing. Not the spilled beer. Not me being an extreme creeper and standing next to a couple who obviously wanted a moment alone but the position of my body and head placed perfectly on the guys shoulder allowed for a crevice in between the sea of heads to a perfect view of Paul Banks.

Yes, I was that girl.

To that couple I apologize, but thanks for letting me lean on you.

I will of course see them again at Austin City Limits in a couple of weeks, which if you’re going buy me a beer.

Two days after Interpol I went to go mosh at a Social Distortion concert in Riverside. This was my first time being at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium and I must say it is absolutely beautiful! Besides getting lost, which I must say putting in this address directs you somewhere else, thank goodness for Yelp, it is such a beautiful place. I honestly felt like I took a trip somewhere else besides Downtown Riverside.

The atmosphere was my favorite part about this show. People from all ages were there, rockabilly, greasers, pin-ups as far as the eyes can see.

I busted a mission from work so strolled in casually with cuffed pants, white chucks, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers cotton tee.

I am oh so classy but desperately wished I dressed up a little more feminine.

After all these years the boys from Social D can get a crowd moving in a way that is true to themselves. Every artist has their own way, yet the simplicity and classic presentation along with angry lyrics seem to be an old-time favorite.

Two different genres, two different styles to speak to people, one common language: music.

The beauty of it.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves this past weekend.If there’s any shows you went to tell me about it, or suggestions feel free to email me.



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