DBA Pomona- Beer, Naive Thieves, and being cool…Oh My

I moseyed on over to DBA256 Gallery and Wine Bar in Pomona, whose full title doesn’t sum up the diverse atmosphere this lounge carries depending on the night.

Last night’s show was amazing.

The moment I arrived on Main St. I was greeted by a drunk cyclist, and of course as annoying as that could be I knew I needed to be on that level.

The lounge is dim and well-lit when needed but always inviting. Without hesitation I found myself at the bar browsing their selection. If you want to explore and try different stouts, wines, and other lovely imports, check them out. Yet, I was here for business so only indulged in three New Castles for I am a classy lady.

The first band to perform was a trio-indie-psych band named Dead Bedouin.  I’ve seen them play live about three times and I always love the energy this band delivers. Each band member can sing which provides for lots of layering and different elements well blended for the ear. Lots of funk peaks through their songs and it was a great way to start the night.


Two beers later, Lost Frontiers performed and continued the indie flow of the night. Patrick Durkee, lead singer for Lost Frontiers, has a throaty approach to his voice, which is what caught my attention about this band seeing them for the first time.

The floor started to crowd a little more with scenic on-going music pioneers, a handful of hipsters, and adorable rockabilly influenced girls trickling in. I stayed close inside my leather jacket eagerly waiting.

Finally, the cool kids came up to perform. You can already tell who was who when they walked into that bar. It was Naïve Thieves.

They walked in cool.

I never enjoyed that word or got it, but cool is perfect for them, clean and simple with the point across.

Tight pants. Hair parted to the side. High Tops. Polka dots.

The epitome of cool.

Local Riverside guys who have such a unique mix and sound to them,  I can’t really classify them as indie without saying “fucking amazing indie,” to at least provide some sort of justification without retribution. Vocalist, Cameroon Thorne, has a retro sound and a lovely hollow body that distinctly delivers his 50’s/60’s vibe. This tied into the heavy bass, at times, and  the drummer’s well placed drum rolls and that lovely sound of drum sticks hitting the shell. Each member brought themselves on stage  without overpowering the other’s and it worked in a way to recognize something special.

At times they  reminded me of the strokes with a hint of Alex Turner’s solo work (from Arctic Monkeys) if that is a better description with people familiar with these mainstream artists, which I would take as a compliment since I love Alex Turner.

All in all such  wonderful energy was exerted by these guys. I was at peace when they played “Anxiete.”  Everything about this song is absolutely perfect and this is definitely a song that you want stuck in your head.


I look forward to seeing each one of these bands again and heading down to DBA for more beer.

And to the bartender and the security guard: Thanks for taking care of my beer(s).






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