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Whoop Dee Doo is the sound you make when you go Muff diving

The world may now successfully continue to spin again, 10 years since the last record from The Muffs, I am happy to welcome into my ears “Whoop Dee Doo.” This is their sixth studio album and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from such a long gap.

You know what it was? 90’s punk wearing Oxford shoes, in a dress, with grit garage punk sound.

This is the equivalent of punching someone and saying, “Whoop Dee Doo.”

This 37 minute album does not disappoint and starts off with a fun, upbeat, punk song about a weird boy with sprinkles of Kim Shattuck’s growls in between. Overall the album stayed true to their sound, revisiting their 90’s garage style flair. Of course there were stand out tracks on the album that were memorable versus others.

The fourth track, “Take a take me,” is one of my favorites. This song has such a retro vibe to it, helped by the verb on the guitar, it goes hand in hand with Shattuck’s yells and croons, and lastly her chant “take a take me” over the guitar towards the end of the song ties it complete. If you’re familiar with Hunx and His Punx, this song shares similar joyous elements.

Up and down around,” the fifth track, starts off slower which caught my attention speaking in the order from the flow of the album and Shattuck’s coarse voice is incredible here.

Yet, the last two tracks on the album were a delightful surprise.  It’s not just the same ol’ repetitive mix of standard songs thrown together, but I believe the standout tracks to be set on repeat.

Lay down,” the eleventh track is definitely an air drumming motivator. The fills are so beautiful I didn’t know what to do with myself but hit replay one more time and rock out in the comfort of my cat pajamas. Upbeat and in your face, this is the best song to describe the whole feel of this album. Pure punk swing- I don’t even know what this is, but it’s The Muffs.

Finally, they chose the best song to end the whole album, “Forever.” It starts off with Shattuck not laying her voice so rough on the guitar but still with the grit in her voice that holds true to her distinct voice, yet soft enough to feel any emotion being belted out. The separation from this track among the other’s on the record says it all to whom ever this was written about. Unlike “Cheezy” on the album, another cute “love” song,  which is for the emotionally impaired, like myself, Forever is direct and honest which brings more to the table.

At the end of the album, you sing Whoop Dee Doo, thank the stars you went Muff Diving, and thank The Muffs for putting out this album.

Kim Shattuck, Ronnie Barnett, Roy McDonald, and Burger Records…thank you.

…But please, don’t make us wait this long again.


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