Splatter Analysis Tour!!! All up on your face (not really)

As excited as I am, I am also highly disappointed.

We are Scientists are going on tour this October, 2014, with Surfer Blood, and Eternal Summers.

Before I tell you how much this is a perfect line-up and whoever goes will not be disappointed,  it is sadly not for any fan who resides in California, like myself…or Arizona…or Texas…or most states in between and yonder.

But…if you are in Boston, Chicago, London, Madison, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Toronto, or Washington…you NEED to go watch these bands. I promise you, the indie-surfer rock gene in your body will swoon and thank you.

We are Scientists always put on a good show and I feel like are a little harder musically, but just a different branch from the Indie tree. It pairs nicely with Surfer Blood because of the smoothness in tempo for the majority of their songs.

I’m actually a little surprised that Eternal Summers is going along, not because they don’t fit in, they fit in perfectly! Usually Eternal Summers always pairs with Bleeding Rainbow (another band to check out).

That last sentence seemed like I just had word vomit and made words up.

Nicole Yun’s, vocalists for Eternal Summers, voice along with the fast timing of the drums, especially in the song, Never Enough, will be the cherry on top of the “Splatter Analysis Tour.”

If you’re in the area, maybe heard of We are Scientists from the movie Nick and Norah, and want to expand your musical knowledge, buy yourself a ticket and tell me all about it.







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