Roaaaar. Move the hell over Katy Perry… Happy Fangs – Lion Inside You

We’ve all sadly may have heard Katy Perry’s “girl power” anthem, “Roar,” and I honestly apologize for your ears. I also apologize that this is considered an anthem. I won’t say anything on her since I am biased and think she’s incredibly gorgeous…that’s it though.

Happy Fangs, Lion Inside You, screams punk and heavy early “Garbage,” 90’s, feminist riot anthems. This is not just for the heavy girl power lovers, the San Francisco based band delivers to all.

The lovely voice we heard in “Alone” is replaced with a gritty, hard, yet still feminine voice crooning “Better Watch Me Roar!” The hook is catchy that is paired with almost a tribal drumming that builds throughout and up to the chorus, which is definitely an energy giver and crowd pleaser.

To quote their twitter, @HappyFangs, they live up to “…noisy guitar and anthemic vocals.”

The duality nature of songs you can find within this band is a definite show case of their talent and abilities without losing their gritty sound.

If this doesn’t make you want to get in a fight in a mod style outfit, paint your face, declare war, and channel the inner lion ready to pounce out and seize the world…I really do not know what is wrong with you.


(The video is pretty awesome as well. Don’t be fooled by the war-paint, she is beautiful)


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  1. Awesome posts you post on your blog, i have shared this article on my fb


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