Happy Fangs- Alone

If this is the first time you heard of the band “Happy Fangs,” then Alone is definitely a good song to lull you in for more.

It starts off immediately with a soft female voice declaring how she is “not impressed by your puzzles” which balances her lovely voice with a shred of a bite to her.
An acoustic song that fits it perfectly! The strumming of the guitar sets the tone of the lyrics and by 1:40, the emotion in her voice of when she “remembers how” is what I believe sets this song apart.

It is only 2:14 long but within the couple of minutes you have everything you need to know about this story.
It’s one of those songs that you stop everything you are doing to reflect on where you are going and what happened with a past lover, or actually any sour situation that one holds on too; versatile to all human’s problems.
You relive her words and it’s a perfect balance of soft melody with feisty Indie, catchy, rhythms.




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