Surgeons in Heat- Midnight in Bellevue


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is where this band resides from, and the first song that led me to listen to Surgeons in Heat was there minute and 21 second track Addressed to Me.Honestly, it was a refreshing take on a rockabilly tune yet the song that really made me look for more was Never Noticed.  Both were released off the album Midnight in Bellevue which was released  April 28, 2012 which is a great album to check out. This song starts off with a steady beat and smooth guitar followed by the vocalists gentle crooning. I immediately thought of the BeeGee’s when I heard his voice backed by the drumming, and yes it does relate with the style, it has a subtle modern flare on it, still incorporating the band’ s 70 vibe, without that much pop, even though they label themselves under pop.

This whole album (of 5 songs) are very catchy and among the ones listed another one of my favorites are No One Left. I felt the tone of heart, not only in the lyrics, but in the singer’s voice, a more bluesy and if I would compare to a modern mainstream artist, I hear a slight Black Keys wrapped in between.

If you Leave, I feel picks up on the last track and makes a smooth transition into the “story” of the album. This seems to be a slower, more heart-felt track, and I love the synth-like guitar effects, or keyboard sprinkled in the hook of the song.

Flying away, seems to be the aftermath of this story told through songs. It’s more upbeat than the last two tracks and completes how the album started off. Listen to the lyrics, they are quite lovely. My favorite stand out part on this track is the heavy cymbal hitting. It never sounded better.

Overall this whole album is worth listening to along with the band. Make new music guys!


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