William Bolton ‘Bad Girl’

At the age of 22, Detroit native William Bolton, carries the title of artist and producer, justifying each with his latest release “Bad Girl.” The indie, soul-pop dream track comes as bright and catchy, and stems from an R&B production that ties in with Bolton’s influential style. Crooning […]


Smooth and Hazy [Indie-Pop]

COTE “London” –  Beautifully strewn across a midnight sky with dreamy melodies and vocals that engage, reminiscent to the likes of Stevie Nicks, “London” will pull you for more. Cote is an artist that surely is underrated and needs to be recognized for an immense amount of talent […]


Magnolian ‘The Bride & The Bachelor’

Hands down you will fall in love with this track. If you don’t, then logically and scientifically you don’t have a soul. “The Bride & The Bachelor” is off of Magnolian‘s debut EP, Famous Men, and embodies beauty in its truest forms. Inspired by traditional Mongolian “praise songs,” […]


General Crush ‘Wide Escape’

Fusing the heart of an indie-folk ballad with a modern synth production seems like an odd combination. For General Crush, it’s perfection. Originally initiated around the idea of a rock band, General Crush became a moniker for Boston singer/songwriter, Ray Ward. Winning over the hearts of listeners with his […]

Courtesy of Scotch Mist

Scotch Mist ‘Speak of The Devil’

Brothers, Andres and Eduardo Z, have reinvented themselves musically under the name of Scotch Mist and introduce their sound with the harmonizing track, “Speak of the Devil.” The track is the first single off of the forthcoming debut album and embodies a Yin and Yang appeal. Playing off […]


Ramsey ‘The Garden’

Continuing to push herself and electronic music, Los Angeles artist Ramsey, led by her signature stylization of vocals, further sets herself apart with her single “The Garden.” The Dark Electronic Seductress once again captures emotions and creates visually stunning audio that translates into the likes of a gothic romance novel […]

In My Car_final

Gosh Pith ‘In My Car’

Detroit duo, Goth Pith, return with their latest single “In My Car” and has been the first release since their Gold Chain EP back in February. The  locals, Josh Smith and Josh Freed, aim for an earlier sound that the duo started with, this time around, fuller and […]


Bright and Eclectic

It’s not that late to have breakfast, just saying. Today’s mix is brighter and eclectic with sounds. Some may have pop vocals drenched with lo-fi guitars, others have an indie backbone, but what stands out are the cuts, blends, transitions, and overall an amazing bright sound to come […]


Breakfast Blend: Female Fronted R&B Fusion

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Introducing “Breakfast Blend” part of our Discover section. Quick picks to start your day off daily, each serving up a specific flavor. Enjoy! Katie Cunningham “Keep it to Yourself” – Los Angeles artist, Katie Cunningham releases her debut single […]


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