Matt Woods ‘Nothing Less’

As far as fresh and soulful productions go, we can never expect anything less than perfection from London-based artist Matt Woods. After much success with his single “Ain’t No Use,” Woods returns with an equally stimulating and futuristic approach on electro-pop with a soul core on his new […]


The Dreamers: Part Four

How much is your dream worth? Priceless, right? What moment in your life do you find out it’s value – it’s worth? It has none. Yet, the moment does exist. Your dream is your heart’s imagination. Distinct, abstract pieces to make something bigger. The turning point is when […]


Elephant Stone ‘Photograph’

Elephant Stone takes a nostalgic and self-reflective stance with their latest music video for “Photograph,” off their recent full length, Ship of Fools. The Montreal, psychedelic rockers, have always managed to take detailed precision within their work, rising above the mainstream of heavy psychedelic that flooded the scene […]


A Dreamy Disarray: Grace Vonderkuhn

Music is never a straight line, merely a loop, mimicking time’s aesthetic, yet ironically not one to fall victim to it’s expiration; just takes time to travel. Such is the case for Grace Vonderkuhn‘s music and her self-titled EP that halted all prior thoughts. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Vonderkuhn’s “home […]