The Medicine Hat ‘St. Cecilia’

“St. Cecilia is a song for all the men who have ever harassed me. It’s a song for all the long stares and salacious grins, all the licked-lips and hey-sweethearts, all the shadows that walk a little too close behind me.”


VACAY ‘The Other Side’

Toronto’s VACAY take an emotive stance, against an acoustic guitar, with their debut single “The Other Side.” Warm and fuzzy melodies wrap you securely throughout the track’s sweet sincerity. Directed by Mark Klassen, the video pairs the reflective soundtrack with a visual display of VACAY’s consciousness of the track.

Courtesy of Sol Gems

Sol Gems ‘Over The Shoulder’

South African trio, Sol Gems, release their newest single “Over The Shoulder” off of their album Lapis Lazuli, and remind us all why the trio does Psychedelic Rock so well. Struan, Gabriel, and Pano return with a heavier neo-psych sound from when we first discovered them and their track […]

Courtesy of Through Juniper Vale via Facebook

Through Juniper Vale ‘The Last Time’

What does it mean to be home? Dissecting the differences between a house and a home, “The Last Time” reflects memories, feelings, and adventure. Through Juniper Vale showcases how inanimate objects can represent so much more with the energy that a person gives them. The creative forces behind […]


Zita ‘Deep Inside’

Hungarian artist Zita returns with an equally impressive instrumental piece that once again meshes tropical dance and electronic vibes with her powered violin. “Deep Inside” acts as a reassuring anthem for the day with echoing notes that closes each cycle, just like Summer to Fall. The track opens with […]


Oya Paya ‘Little Man’

Liverpool-based Indie-Rock outfit Oya Paya, have paved an exciting road ahead of them with their debut single “Little Man.”  Strung around vocals that are distinct, persuasive, and dangerously catchy, the track bounces from dubs of percussion, resonating hi-hats, a groovy bass, to peaks of a psychedelic “air” making […]


Music Monday: Kickstart the Week

The great thing about music is it comes in so many forms and essentially branches from similar roots. New Noise selection today are indie vibes that come in an array of sounds, primarily indie-rock, coated with either synths, pop, fuzz, or bright melodies to make your day that much […]